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Shipping Policy

You are responsible for any and all shipping charges arising from or in connection with your purchase of a Product unless another amount is agreed at the time of your order. The applicable shipping charges will be added to the amount charged to your account for Products purchased on the Website.

If an order consists of multiple items, they may be shipped separately depending on availability.

You should ensure that your payment and shipping details are correct at all times, otherwise any additional shipping charges that may be incurred if the Product is incorrectly shipped due to a late cancellation of your order or due to incorrect shipping details will be charged to your account and will not be refunded.

For 'Pre-Order' or 'Back-Order' Products, Products may not become available at all (in the case of 'Back-Order' Products) or may not become available for shipping for many weeks or months after you place your initial order (in the case of 'Pre-Order' Products). If or once (as the case may be) the Product does become available for shipping, we will begin to process your order and charge your order to your credit card on your account. You will generally receive a courtesy email update notifying you that the Product has arrived and is ready to be shipped and a credit card processing alert email, prior to the Product being shipped to you. However, it is your responsibility to check and read your emails, our newsletter and our Website for the availability and shipping date of Products.

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