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Q: What is Fandemonium ?
A: Fandemonium is where the community can have their say by voting on an item that they would like to see potentially made as officially licensed merchandise.

Q: I have not been able to cast my vote.
A: There are usually 2 reasons for this.
    Reason 1: You may have already reached the maximum number of times you can cast your vote during a particular round of voting - i.e. you can only vote once for; up to three (3) characters in round 1, one (1) character in round 2 and one (1) pose in round 3.
    Reason 2: Someone else using the same IP address as you (e.g. someone at work, at home or on your phone etc.) has already voted during that round.

Q: The character(s) I voted for did not progress to the next round of voting. Can I still vote in the next round ?
A: Yes, you can still cast your vote in the next round of voting.

Q: I did not vote in the earlier round of voting. Can I vote in this round ?
A: Yes, you can cast your vote in this round.

Q: Can I change my vote(s) ?
A: No, once you've cast your vote you cannot change your vote.

Q: When will the winning item be made and where can I buy it ?
A: While it would be great if all winning items could be made it isn't always possible. We will most definitely let the community know if and when a winning product is made and it will be available for purchase here on the Gaming Heads website for sure.

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