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Pre-order Shipping Dates


Approximate Shipping Dates:


BioShock: Big Daddy Bouncer statue - NOW (US).  Q1 2021 (EU and AUSTRALIA) 

DOOM: Cyberdemon statue - NOW (US).  Q1 2021 (EU and AUSTRALIA) 

Shipping: Dispatched within 2 weeks from the date of final payment


Tomb Raider: Lara Croft Temple of Osiris - Q2 2021 (i.e. April - June)

Sly Cooper statue - Q2 2021 (i.e. April - June)

Fallout®: Deathclaw statue - Q1 2021 (production finished - waiting to ship to our warehouse worldwide)

Rise of the Tomb Raider: Lara Croft statue - Q3 2021 (i.e. July - September)

The Last of Us Part II: Ellie Hunter Edition statue - Q3 2021 (i.e. July - September)

God of War: Kratos Life Size Bust (Norse) - Q3 2021 (i.e. July - September)

Fallout®: T-45 Power Armor Life Size bust - Q3 2021 (i.e. July - September)

The Legacy of Kain Series: Defiance - Kain statue - Q4 2021 (i.e. October - December)

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