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God of War™: Kratos on Throne Exclusive Statue

Product Review (submitted on June 9, 2018):
The Good:
The overall detail and look of this statue is very impressive. I love the cloth texture and weathering effects on Kratos' armor. This is a huge piece and a pretty good price to beat.

The Bad:
I usually nit-pic all of my statues and see if the quality equals the wait time in production and price. The major issues with the statue is small but noticeable. For one, the pose. Due to the pose being the same as the regular, "unarmored" version a large chunk of the armor was cut to allow for his "resting" arm. This is an odd choice and one that could have been avoided by moving his arm slightly. Another issue is the chin. The way Kratos' goatee is painted looks like he has a long and very narrow chin.

The statue also is a bit downgraded from the promo images with sculpting in the armor being smudged and some detail is lost in the base.

Overall this is an impressive statue and while I have a few nit-pics this is a beautiful statue and a must-have for God of War fans.
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