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Mass Effect™: Tali'Zorah vas Normandy Exclusive Statue

Product Review (submitted on January 2, 2018):
This is my first statue like this, so I'm approaching this from the point of view of a Mass Effect fan and appreciator of warhammer miniatures which when skilfully painted, will look better than any mass produced product, so I COULD be being too harsh. I also received my statue when it was first released, I don't know what changes (if any) or checks they have made to the stock since then.

The statue has a beautiful pose and sculpted detailing, and I commend the sculptor for capturing Tali very well, but like the other review I was a bit disappointed by the neatness of the white pattern detailing on her fabric areas, some had too much white paint smudged into the purple areas, and others not enough white paint, though mine was not as bad as his sounds. This seems to be a common theme in reviews for this statue which is a shame, as I have a much smaller and cheaper action figure of Tali that did her detailed patterning perfectly.

There was also a tiny blob of glue where her leg joined her shin armour which I thought was a bit careless. The metallic areas and black areas are excellently painted, which is frustrating as the overall quality is just inconsistent instead of poor.

Any mass produced product won't look like what they use to sell it, this is true from fast food to cosmetics, but you'd hope their process could at least manage neatness.

This 'exclusive' version comes with two guns for you to give Tali, the white 'exclusive' pistol is nicely painted, however the painting on the 'non exclusive' pistol seemed a bit bland, there are no technical effects or weathering like the rest of her armour, almost like they decided they could include less well painted standard pistols in this version because most buyers would use the 'exclusive' pistol option, which seems a bit cynical to me. I think the white pistol looks the better of both options because it's more elegant, so it's probably worth the extra money, though if you want to be anal about the lore the white pistol is better for biotic (psychic) users, and the standard pistol would suit and engineer like Tali. Rule of cool all the way.

At the time of delivery I decided not to complain because I was sceptical an improved statue could be delivered and I'd waited so long already.

Overall I like the statue (and lets face it when else will you be able to buy a Tali statue again?) which is nice as long as you don't inspect it too closely but the experience makes me hesitant to buy another Gaming Heads Mass Effect product.
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