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Tomb Raider™: Lara Croft Temple of Osiris Exclusive Statue

Product Review (submitted on December 10, 2017):
I love....love....Love this piece. I did a review over on YouTube so feel free to check it out.


First off I have to say this piece is without a doubt the quintessential Classic Lara Croft Statue. It captures everything you could ever want in a Tomb Raider piece. First you have Lara in her classic outfit. Second she is in a fantastic action pose with both guns drawn. Lastly the attention to detail is immaculate! The sculpt is superb and the paint detail is spot on. For all those that didn’t think Lara looked pretty enough...they have to be crazy. Because the headsculpt is perfect Lara! She’s beautiful, bold, and determined all while showing strength while being drop dead gorgeous....not sure what else one could want. My biggest debate was did I want the exclusive or the regular version....I opted for the exclusive, the staff is a nice touch. Needed? No....and if you get the regular version I doubt seriously you’ll miss it, but makes for a nice extra if you go that route.
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