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Jak II: Jak and Daxter 2 Exclusive Statue

Jak II: Jak and Daxter 2 Exclusive Statue

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After the events of the original game, Jak and Daxter find themselves in Haven City. After Jak is captured and subjected to numerous dark eco experiments by the evil Baron Praxis he escapes with Daxter's help, and both join 'The Underground', to try and bring down not only the tyrannical Baron, but also the Metal Heads who threaten the safety of Haven City itself.

Gaming Heads is proud to unveil the Jak II statue, the third entry in our Playstation All-stars line. The legendary duo is portrayed in their re-imagined designs from Jak II, the praised sequel to Naughty Dog's classic Jak and Daxter game. Jak is paired with his JET-Board, with Daxter in tow. Including the base, the statue stands 15 inches tall, and looks incredible stood alongside our original Jak and Daxter collectible.

The package also includes an additional portrait, so the collector can display Jak either with, or without his bandanna.

This is the exclusive version. As well as the swappable heads, the duo have been painted in a special bronze finish.

Limited to 350 pieces worldwide.

Each statue includes deluxe full-colour packaging, an individually hand-numbered base and a validation card that will allow you to reserve the same product number if you purchase future Playstation All-Stars statues.

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